Migration Consultation

At Migration Door Australia, we offer two types of consultation sessions: A free consultation session and a comrehensive consultation. We kindly request that you carefully review the information on this page before reaching out to us.

Migration Consultation Services

At Migration Door Australia, we are committed to providing comprehensive migration consultation services to support you throughout the visa application process.

Our consultations involve two essential steps designed to cater to your specific needs:


Step 1: Free Consultation Session

During this initial step, our experienced team will assess your eligibility for a specific visa. We will gather relevant information from you and provide guidance on which visa best suits your circumstances. If you have any questions or require assistance with the visa application process, we invite you to take advantage of our comprehensive consultation services. Our team will offer detailed guidance on the application procedures for the specific visa you are interested in.

It’s important to note that proceeding to Step 2 is not mandatory. This free offer is available to our website visitors who may be curious about their eligibility without an immediate intention to apply or are considering migration in the distant future. You can choose to stop the process here and take your time to evaluate your migration options.

Rest assured that after assessing your documents, if we determine that you do not have a viable chance to apply, we will provide honest feedback. We value your time and will not lead you on with false hope or waste your valuable resources.


Step 2: Comprehensive Consultation

Once we have evaluated your eligibility for a visa, you have two options based on your preferences:


Type 1: Self-Process Consultation

If you are interested in managing the visa application process yourself, we offer a tailored consultation to guide you through the necessary steps. Our team of experts will provide valuable advice, offer resources, and provide support to assist you in completing the process independently.


Type 2: Professional Agent Consultation

For those who prefer to have a professional migration agent handle the process on their behalf, we offer comprehensive consultation services with our experienced agents. They will navigate the complexities of the application process, ensuring that all requirements are met and documentation is handled efficiently.


Please be aware that fees apply for the comprehensive consultation sessions. We recommend carefully reviewing the information provided on this page before making a decision. For further details or to schedule a consultation, please contact us using the provided contact information on our website.


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Why You Need Migration Door Australia for Your Visa Consultation


  • Migration rules are constantly changing and it is our job to keep up with these changes and update our clients accordingly.
  • The Australian visa application system is very strict, and missing out on a single requirement might lead to a refusal.
  • Letting us complete the application on your behalf will ensure your case is properly documented to limit the requests from the migration department.
  • The Migration Consultation is generally face-to-face, but we also offer it via Zoom/Skype and over the phone.
  • If you’re still doubtful about your decision, click to see why us.