Does Professional Year (PY) Program Make Migration Easier?

PY is a one-year-long program that combines workplace experience and formal learning to provide a better understanding of Australian workplace culture to students.

Due to its excellent living standards, Australia has become a popular destination for many students around the world. Currently, over 355000 international students are studying in Australian universities. Lots of such students seek job opportunities after graduation and try different ways to get a PR visa. Describing Professional Year (PY) program, this article explains how it makes migration easier and enhances candidates’ chances of getting a PR visa. 

What is a professional year program?

PY program is a structured professional development program meant for international students graduating from Australian universities. PY is a one-year-long program that combines workplace experience and formal learning to provide a better understanding of Australian workplace culture to students. It is currently available to students graduating from fields such as accounting, information technology, and engineering. This program enables students to gain industry-relevant skills through study and work, preparing them for professional careers in high demand in Australia.

The benefits of participating in a PY program

Participating in a PY program has several advantages that bring you more chances of finding your ideal job and becoming a permanent resident in Australia. These advantages are described below.

5 points toward PR

For many graduate students, getting a permanent residency is a rather difficult job. The minimum point requirement to obtain a PR visa is 65. Of course, by obtaining this score, you will be eligible to apply for a PR visa, but this does not guarantee success. Undoubtedly those who obtain higher points have higher chances of acceptance. The good news is that after completing the PY program, you will receive 5 points toward permanent residency in Australia.

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Internship opportunities

It is becoming increasingly difficult for international students to find work in their fields after completing their courses. PYP opens up numerous job opportunities for graduate students, as many companies offer internships to students who have taken the PY program. This program equips graduate students with the necessary skills they need in the future. Even if you do not find a job immediately, your resume will receive more credit compared to those who have not taken the PY program.  

Understanding the Australian workplace culture

Every country has its own set of standards when it comes to workplace culture, and Australia is no exception. The PY Program gives you the opportunity to meet many experts and industry professionals and learn from them. You will also experience the real workplace culture in Australia and improve your communication and professional skills.

The eligibility criteria for the professional year program

Not all graduate students can attend the PY program. As mentioned earlier, graduate students who have completed a bachelor or master’s program in accounting, engineering, or information technology can attend in the PY program. Apart from this, the candidates should:

  • Complete skill assessments from a professional body.
  • Have or apply for subclass 485 visa.
  • Obtain an IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 6.


PY program has several benefits for many international graduate students. In this article, we discussed for such benefits to give you a clearer understanding of PY. By now, you must have concluded that attending the PY program would certainly enhance your chances of becoming a PR in Australia. So, if you are about to complete your course and think about getting a PR visa, reach out and tell us about your situation. 

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