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Migration Door Australia offers clients in Australia and overseas, a free 10- minute consultation session with one of our experienced migration agents.

1. Free Consultation Session

 Migration Door Australia offers clients in Australia and overseas, a free10- minute consultation session with one of our experienced migration agents. This initial meeting can be conducted virtually or face-to-face in our Brisbane office and will allow us to gain an understanding of your situation. From this consultation, you can expect transparency, expertise and confidence in your next steps. So, hurry! If you want to use our free consultation session, fill in the form below.



2. Comprehensive Consultation

When we are sure that you qualify for a specific program or route, you may either proceed to sign an agreement, or you may still need to gather more information. In that case, you can book a comprehensive consultation. Here, we can explore the best migration strategy for you and determine your migration roadmap.

During the comprehensive consultation, we extract detailed information about your visa eligibility so that we can identify the best option based on the information provided. We will follow the most up-to-date Australian migration legislation and policies to ensure we are providing you with expert advice.

You will learn about the downsides and risks involved in some of the visa routes, which will, in turn, help you choose the most reliable path. After the consultation, we will send you a summary report of what was discussed so you can have everything in black and white to refer to. Once we have discussed different visa options, fees, conditions and processing time, you can determine the safest, cheapest and fastest approach.

If you wish to engage Migration Door Australia in assisting your migration matter, that will be redeemed in our professional fees, so there is no additional payment. If you aim to use our comprehensive consultation, fill in the form below.



3. Full Visa Application Service

Once we have established your potential eligibility for an Australian visa, our team of agents and lawyers will handle every aspect of your visa application – from initial preparations to the final visa decision.

When you choose the Full Visa Application Service, Migration Door Australia will:

• Provide a comprehensive checklist of the documents and information required for your application.

• Provide examples and templates of the evidence, which can help with your preparations.

• An online or face-to-face session where the checklist and the required documents will be explained to you.

• Provide you with a mobile number and an email address of the agent or the lawyer in charge of your case. You can write an email or text/call if you have any questions during the process.

• Communicate directly with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf.

4. Citizenship Application Service

The process of applying for Australian citizenship can be complex, with detailed eligibility criteria and documentation requirements. As your migration agent, we can guide you through every step, from assessing your qualifications to preparing and submitting your application. We have extensive experience navigating the citizenship application process and a proven track record of helping clients successfully achieve this life-changing milestone.

5. Skills Assessment Service

If you’re looking for a skilled, employer-sponsored visa or graduate visa, you may need to obtain a suitable skills assessment. Migration Door Australia offers skills assessment assistance and manages the skills assessment process.

The type of skills assessment required and the assessing authority are determined by several factors. These include the occupation, the applicant’s country of passport and the type of visa that the applicant is intending to submit.

6. Application Review Service

Some visa applications are easier than others and you may prefer to manage your application yourself. If this is the case, you may choose to have your application reviewed by our expert team.

Migration Door Australia offers a two or three-stage review of your visa application. The three-stage review includes an initial preparation pack outlining the documents you need to collect, plus other requirements you may not have considered. Once you have prepared your application, you will be provided with a report of what needs to be changed, and a final review will be conducted before the application is submitted.

7. Administrative Appeals Tribunal Review

If you have received a refusal on your migration application, you may have the chance to appeal this decision with the administrative appeals tribunal. Migration Door Australia will review your case and the reasons for refusal and guide you moving forward. If you choose to appeal, we can act as your representatives at the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal).

8. DIY services

We understand that visa application fees can be expensive. In addition, the professional fees of legal services may not be affordable for everyone. That is why we offer a visa review service –  a significantly reduced rate at AUD750 per visa application.

It is extremely important to get the application right the first time. As the system is complex and the legislations are constantly changing, it is common for DIY applicants to miss a vital element affecting the outcome. Once you have prepared the appropriate Australian visa application forms and collected the required information and documents, we will review them prior to the application being submitted. This DIY visa service means you do the leg work, and an experienced expert looks over your application making sure it has been prepared correctly.




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