Prospective Marriage (Fiancé) Visa (Subclass 300)

Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300), also known as the Australian Fiance Visa, is often the only way for applicants outside of Australia to join their loved ones who are either eligible citizens of Australia or New Zealand or permanent residents. In this passage, we will provide a short description of the needs to be met by the applicants and the sponsors who intend to apply for the Prospective Marriage Visa.

Australia is known to be a multi-cultural country that has housed many immigrants since the dawn of the modern age. It is the most Australian thing to welcome people from all around the world into our beloved country, for it will only benefit the prosperity and diversity of our culture. One of the best and most common ways to apply for an Australian visa is through the sanctity of marriage. That can be achieved by applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa for which this short guide will hopefully prove to be helpful.

Please note that this passage is not meant to be a thorough examination of the Prospective Marriage Visa as a whole. We only intend to provide a general guide regarding all the relevant information about Prospective Marriage Visas. It is highly recommended that you don’t stop your research here and if you seek professional advice, we suggest contacting our experts for a more thorough examination of your conditions since every case is unique and requires its own consultation.   

What Is a Prospective Marriage Visa?

Prospective Marriage Visa or the Australian Fiance Visa is a temporary offshore visa granted to applicants overseas who intend to marry their prospective partners (the sponsors) in Australia. The applicant and the sponsor have only 9 months (beginning from the moment the visa is granted) to marry each other. Before the visa is expired, the applicant must also lodge an onshore partner visa (which will be discussed in another passage) to gain permanent residence in Australia.

With the Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300), you are able to:

  • Stay in Australia for 9 months
  • Work and study in Australia (at your own expense)
  • Travel all around Australia without any limitations
  • Hold your wedding in or outside of Australia
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How Much Does Prospective Marriage Visa Cost Overall?

The cost of applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa is AU$7,715 plus around AU$400 for a medical examination (depending on where you live) and an additional AU$100 for police certificates for both you and your partner (again, depending on where you live). It is important to note that there will be additional fees for anyone who applies for this visa with you (mainly children from previous marriages that are not Australian citizens). There will also be another AU$1285 that has to be paid upon lodgement for the partner visa after the initial 9 months. Moreover, the cost of other items like document translation and other factors related to your individual circumstances must be considered.

Two important things to mention:

1. These prices are subject to change since different factors at different times will surely affect your situation.

2. Upon refusal of your application, these charges are not refundable. So, it is essential that you optimise your documents to the best of your knowledge. 

You can also use this link to estimate the probable costs more accurately.

What Are The Requirements for Prospective Marriage Visa?  

Getting a Prospective Marriage Visa might take a rather long time. In some cases, it is common for the applicant’s lodgement to be rejected. While this process could prove difficult for some, it is possible to make it easier by preparing your documents more carefully. Here, we will discuss the initial requirements of the applicants and related documents that need to be presented. They are as follows:

  • The applicant must have a sponsor who is an eligible citizen of Australia or New Zealand or a permanent resident. The agency must approve the sponsorship.
  • The applicant and the sponsor must be of 18 years of age or older when applying for the visa.
  • The applicant must be outside of Australia when lodging the visa.
  • The applicant and the sponsor must have met each other IN PERSON (Skype or any sort of internet communication is not eligible).
  • The applicant and the sponsor must have the intention to marry within the time period of 9 months.
  • The applicant and the sponsor must pass the health and character test.
  • The applicant and the sponsor and anyone who benefits from this visa must not have any debts to the Australian government.
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Both parties must also include their documents for the application. Some documents need to be presented at a later date for lodgement of the partner visa. Those are as follows:

  • A written document from Australian citizens or permanent residents regarding their knowledge about the truthfulness and seriousness of the couple and their relationship and their intention to get married.
  • Proof that they have met in person and are in a de facto relationship, meaning that they have either lived together for a period of time, have shared responsibilities (bills and mortgages and such) or have any children.
  • Written statements about the details of the relationship. These include the history of the relationship, how and when they met, how they became close when they moved in together and basically anything that might convince the agency that they are in a de facto relationship. 
  • Written statements about their plans for the wedding. These include all the details ranging from the date to a statement from the celebrant approving their intention and seriousness for marriage.

These documents must be written in a way to convince the agency that the applicant does in fact intend to marry the Australian sponsor since the authorities presume that almost everyone intends to deceive them into issuing a visa for permanent residence. We hope that this brief introduction helped you get a better understanding of a Prospective Marriage Visa.

It is important to note that After you have married, you can apply for the Onshore Partner Visa (partner visa 820/801).

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See also  Onshore Partner Visas 820 & 801




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