7 Questions to Ask an Immigration Consultant

To successfully get a visa and pursue your life ambitions in another country, some research and planning are in order. After deciding on the country where you want to live, you should seek advice from a well-informed and experienced migration consultant. This is important in two regards. First, a migration consultant would help you select […]

To successfully get a visa and pursue your life ambitions in another country, some research and planning are in order. After deciding on the country where you want to live, you should seek advice from a well-informed and experienced migration consultant. This is important in two regards. First, a migration consultant would help you select the most suitable program and second,  handle the application process for you. In this article, we will discuss seven questions you should ask an immigration consultant before signing a contract.

Are you registered?

Every country has a registration system in place to represent immigration clients. You may be misguided if you leave your immigration project to an unregistered agent. Some consultants claim to work with registered agents in other countries and that they can make the process much easier for you. You should never fall for such tricks, as they cannot lawfully represent you if something goes wrong in your application project. In case they claim to be registered, you should ask for their license or registration number. If your agent does not have this number, they will not represent your case; instead, file it directly under your name, meaning that you are filing it yourself.

Which immigration plan do you think I should select?

As a visa candidate, you might have several options. One visa might be easier to obtain, while another will bring you more opportunities. Experienced immigration consultants should be able to identify the most suitable program for you. Avoid consultants who suggest a program but fail to explain why they think so. Always prioritise consultants who offer several programs and explain why each plan can be a good option for you. This shows that they are highly experienced and know the nuts and bolts of immigration.

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Have you ever been reprimanded for dishonesty?

The question is an excellent one. If a consultant has already been reprimanded for unethical behaviour, you should never risk hiring them or, for that matter, take their advice. It’s never a bad idea to look into a consultant’s disciplinary history; in fact, you should. Dishonest or fraudulent behaviour has no place in the legal system. If a consultant engages in any conduct that is met with reprimand or suspension while working on your case, it will most probably harm your case.

What are the costs?

There is a set application fee for every type of visa. This is the amount that all applicants should pay if they apply for a given visa. Your consultant will also demand a certain amount if he takes charge of your project. This one, however, is not set. Some consultants might charge you dearly, while others demand a reasonable fee. Try to estimate how much time and effort they will devote to your project and see if the amount they require is worth it. Select a consultant that offers a justifiable fee for his work. Additionally, ask your consultant about the payment mode and any extra expenses that might emerge along the way.  

How many similar cases have you handled?

Some visas are more difficult to get than others. Similarly, not all applicants for the same visa have the same situation. Therefore, it’s better to find a client who has already assisted applicants whose cases were highly similar to yours. This would bring you higher chances of acceptance as your consultant is well-familiar with the process and is less likely to mess things up.

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Do you guarantee that my application will be accepted?

Making your way to another country has its own challenges. In many cases, unforeseen problems along the way might make the process much slower or decrease your chances of acceptance. In fact, a visa refusal is never off the table, regardless of which program you choose or who represents you. That’s why you should avoid consultants who guarantee results and promise to get you your intended visa at any cost. A trustworthy consultant would honestly tell you what chances you’ve got regarding the visa you want to apply for and issues that might get in the way.

What if my visa I cancel my visa?

After hiring an immigration consultant, you must provide him with several documents and pay him a certain amount so that he can proceed with your visa application process. You might, for any reason, change your mind and decide not to apply after all. Now, if this happens, before your application is complete, you can cancel the contract between you and your consultant. So, what happens to the money you’ve already paid him to proceed with your work?

Normally, your consultant should charge you for the work he has done and pay you back the rest of your money. However, in such cases, it is quite possible for a consultant to overcharge you, arguing that cancellation was on your part and you should accept the consequences. When trying to find a trustworthy immigration consultant, make sure to ask about their cancellation policy. Principled consultants will be clear regarding every aspect of the process and tell you beforehand how much they would charge you if you decide to cancel your contract before the application process is over.

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Hiring a good immigration consultant would make a big difference regarding your chances of acceptance. When looking for an immigration consultant, you should ask them a couple of questions to ensure they will handle your project successfully. The questions discussed in this article will help you find the right immigration consultant. Share your comments with us, and let us know if you need help with your visa plan.


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