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Struggling to figure out which migration agent or immigration lawyer to use? Find out how Migration Door Australia differs from the rest.

Applying for any visa can be tedious and overwhelming, we are here to make the process as easy as possible for you. Here are a few points explaining why you should apply for a visa through one of our experienced and highly-skilled migration agents.

Migration rules are volatile.

You might have applied for a visa a while ago and it was granted, but if you apply for the same visa using the same forms and checklists, it may be refused this time because rules are constantly changing. It is our job to keep up with these changes and update our clients accordingly. Some migration adjustments come with good opportunities and if you’re not updated, you can miss out on them.

Visa applications can be complicated.

Visa applications can be much more complicated than they appear. While most people prefer applying for a visa by themselves, the requirements can be overwhelming, and they may end up with unexpected results. Most rejections are due to insufficient evidence to warrant a visa or invalid documents. The Australian visa application system is very strict, and missing out on a single requirement might lead to a refusal, which can affect your immigration record and your chances of success for any future visa application.

Dealing with the Migration Department can be difficult.

With an increasing number of visa applications every day, the migration department is becoming less accessible. Nowadays, they prefer dealing with clients online to reduce traffic at the migration offices, making them less accessible for queries.

Since the visas are processed by different teams, you don’t have a specific person handling your file. Letting a migration agent complete the application on your behalf will ensure your case is properly documented to limit the requests from the migration department.

We offer competitive fixed rates.

We have fixed rates based on the quality service you receive. We do not charge you any extra fees in the middle of the process unless it is out of the scope of work mentioned in the agreement.

Availability is important.

Many of our clients had dissatisfactory experiences with their previous agents because they were not easily available, or it took several days for them to receive a reply to their emails. At Migration Door Australia, once you have signed the contract, you will be given the mobile number of the agent in charge of your case and all queries are replied to promptly.

We provide ongoing guidance.

We will never send you the forms and the checklist and leave you until you complete them yourself. We know how confusing a checklist or a form can be. So, after signing the agreement, we will organise an online or face-to-face catch-up, where we explain to you in detail all the items in the checklist and the forms. This support and guidance will be available to you until the visa or citizenship application outcome is decided by the Department of Home Affairs.

You need to explore available options.

Before you apply for a visa, you must consider all the available options. You might know one way but it may not be the fastest, cheapest and safest path to your goal. We will make you aware of the available options and let you choose one that’s suitable for you. In addition to this, your migration agent/lawyer will help you keep your options open so that in case of any changes, you’re not left in the dark if your main option becomes invalid.

You have an increased chance of success.

While it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get a positive response from the migration department if you apply through a lawyer or agent, it does increase your chances of success. Since they know all that’s required, they’ll ensure the process is seamless.

Before initiating the application process, they will assess your visa eligibility to see whether you’ll be successful in the long run.

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