Work experience requirements for the TSS 482 visa (Employee)

The TSS 482 visa lets Australian employers hire skilled workers from overseas.

The TSS 482 visa lets Australian employers hire skilled workers from overseas. It has three streams, namely, the short-term stream, the medium-term stream, and the labour-agreement stream. Depending on the stream they qualify for, skilled workers can work in their nominated occupation in Australia for a certain period of time. This article discusses work experience requirements for the TSS 482 visa along with other evidence applicants need to submit.

How much work experience is needed to get the TSS 482 visa?

To be eligible for the TSS 482 subclass, the applicant must prove that they have at least two years of full-time work experience in their nominated or a closely related occupation. It is also important to remember that part-time work experience will be assessed on a full-time basis. This means that in order to meet the minimum work experience mentioned above, the applicant must have worked in the nominated occupation for either two years ( as a full-time employee) or four years ( as a part-time employee). The work experience relevancy is determined by the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). Please note that your work experience will receive credit only if it has been obtained during the last five years. Apart from this, the applicant must also meet the skill level for the intended occupation mandated by (ANZSCO). There are five different skill levels, with each skill level having specific work experience and qualification requirements.

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Eligible occupations and their required skill level

New estimates predict Australia’s need for skilled workers will continue to grow in the coming years. There are currently over 500 occupations in demand in Australia, letting many individuals try their chances and apply for in-demand jobs. To find out if your occupation is listed or not, you can check the available occupations for the TSS visa. Make sure to check the ANZSCO code for your occupation, skill level, and work experience required for that level. Overall, occupations listed for the TSS visa require a skill level of 1-3. High skill levels demand more complex skills and consequently more work experience. Therefore, while for some occupations, a minimum of two years of work experience will suffice, formal qualifications and at least five years of work experience are demanded for others.

The corresponding Australian / New Zealand qualifications for skill levels 1-3 are summarised below.

Skill Level 1

  • Doctoral Degree
  • Masters Degree
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Bachelor Degree

Skill Level 2

  • NZ Registered Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Associate Degree
  • Diploma

Skill Level 3

  • NZ Registered Level 4
  • Certificate IV
  • Certificate III

It’s worth mentioning that while formal qualification is a must for some occupations, other occupations need work experience only. Most occupations demand a work experience of 2-5 years. Yet, further training or study might also be required for certain occupations.

What evidence should I provide?

Depending on the stream you take, you’ll need to meet certain requirements and provide a number of documents. To find out which stream you are eligible for, you can click here. The applicant should also provide other documents to prove that they meet the minimum work experience requirement and that the tasks and responsibilities they undertook were related to their nominated occupation as defined by ANZSCO. Among such documents could be:

  • The contracts between you and your employer
  • The description of your official position
  • The employment letter of offer
  • Your employment certificates
  • PAYG description
  • Records of your overseas taxes, and
  • Your pay slips
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Please bear in mind that all the documents must be in English. If your documents are not in English, make sure to have them officially translated and attach both the original and the translated version to your application. In case your certificate does not bear enough information regarding the type and duration of the course/s you took, make sure to obtain a letter from the course provider including such information.

Do I need any registration or licensing?

With respect to some occupations, registration or licensing is mandatory. ANZSCO has listed such occupations. In case your occupation is included, you should provide evidence from a relevant registration or licensing authority in Australia that you meet the requirements. Failing to do so might result in refusal. If you have registration or license from any other country, don’t forget to attach (the original and translated copies) to your application. 


The TSS 482 visa requires a minimum of two years of full-time work experience for some occupations. Applicants intending to get this visa need to ensure that their work experience is related to one of the occupations listed in the ANZSCO. Apart from this, it is of utmost importance to submit other documents showing your work experience, tasks undertaken, employment certificates, taxes paid, etc. This article highlighted the main features of the TSS 482 visa and explained what applicants need to do to get this visa. If you have other quarries in this regard, feel free to contact us


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